From the Amazons to the Guerrilla Girls. Warring Women in Art, Architecture and Literature.


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9:00 AM – Opening.

9:30 – Eike Faber (Universität Potsdam), in presence. Anathema to Civic Society – Warrior Women in Classical Athens. Amazons Between A-mastos and Anti-aneira in Literary and Artistic Depiction.

10:00 – Veronica Parise (Independent Scholar), in presence. “I am not a man, but an homo, yes I am”. Warrior Women in Anthropological Perspective.

10:30 – Maximilian Geiger (Institut für angewandte Kunst- und Bildwissenchaften, University of Wuppertal), in presence. Amazons and Nymphs: Warring Women in Rubens’ “Battle of Amazons” (1617).

11:00 – Coffee Break.

11:30 – Stefania Portinari (“Ca’ Foscari” University of Venice), online. A Cavalcade of Amazons. Statues, Visions and Seizures of Power in Italy Between the Twenties and Forties.

12:00 PM – Frédérique Villemur (ENSAM, “Paul-Valéry” Montpellier 3 University), in presence. Horses and Amazons: Animality in Question.

12:30 – Q&A.


2:00 PM – Laura Mercader Amigó (University of Barcelona), online. Reparación de los fratricidios. Los proyectos artístico de Lesley Yendell en Irlanda del Norte.

2:30 – Silvia Palandri (Independent Scholar), in presence. Nellie Bly, la prima corrispondente di guerra.

3:00 – Laia Manonelles Moner (University of Barcelona), online. The Eighth Weapon. War, Pain and Reparation.

3:30 – Tea Break.

4:00 – Anna Kopócsy (Pázmány Péter Catholic University, Budapest), online. Inter arma silent Musae. Journalist Lili Fabenyi’s photo series on the Royal Hungarian Academy of Fine Arts as a war hospital in 1914.

4:30 – Jolanda Wessel (Ph. D. candidate, Heinrich-Heine-University Düsseldorf), online. The Art of Fighting – Warring Women in November and Other Works of Hito Steyerl.

5:00 – Alessandra Masu (Independent Scholar, President of the Cultural Association “Artemisia Gentileschi”, Director of the “Artemisie Museum Project”), online. Margherita Sarrocchi 1623-2023: a new edition of La Scanderbeide and her last will.

5:30 – Q&A

5:45 – Tea break.

6:00 – Fatimah Hossaini. Beauty amid War.

Juliet Simpson (FRSA, FRHistS, Coventry University-University of Heidelberg), in presence. Guerrilla Girls: from Muses into Makers – Elizabeth Siddal and Victorine Meurent Reloaded.

3d Session: Guerrilla Girls in the Making.

10:00 – Marie-Christine Schoel (Ph. D. candidate at the University of Münster), in presence. Judy Chicago’s Boxing Ring Ad (Artforum, 1971) in the Context of Spatial and Performative Art Practices in and beyond the Feminist Art Movement.

10:30 – Francesca Romana Posca (Ph. D. student, Bordeaux Montaigne University – “Roma Tre” University of Rome), in presence. “Soyons sincères”: la production artistique des femmes italiennes dans les années de l’“Entusiasmo femminile”.

11:00 – Coffee break.

11:30 – Stefania Biancani (Researcher, Centro di Documentazione sulla Storia delle Donne Artiste Attive in Europa, Bologna), in presence. Shouting loudly at herself: Angela Teresa Muratori’s fight on the path of early modern women’s emancipation.

12:00 PM – Tiziana Di Folco (Architect), in presence. Lorenza Minoli, Architect.

12:30 – Angela Antonini (Independent Scholar), in presence. The Curse of Anne Sexton.

1:00 – Q&A


2:00 – Liana De Girolami Cheney (University of Massachusetts Lowell), online. Hypatia of Alexandria: A Fiercely Intelligent Woman.

2:30 – Elizabeth Lev (Duquesne University Italian Campus), in presence. The Tigress of Forli: Caterina Riario Sforza in Life, Art and Literature.

3:00 – Simone Andreoni (Ph.D. Student, “Tor Vergata” University of Rome), in presence. Two “Militant” Matrons and an Artist: Sallustia Cerrini, Olimpia Orsini Cesi and Giovan Battista Fiammeri.

3:30 – Adelina Modesti (University of Melbourne), in presence. Vittoria della Rovere: an early modern political “femme forte”.

4:00 – Q&A

4:15 – Tea break.

5:00 – Book presentation – AIWAC 1 Proceedings.

7:00 – Dinner. Theme: “A tavola con Caterina de’ Medici”, University of Arkansas, Rome Center.

9:00 AM – Lea Viehweger (Doctoral Fellow, 4A_Lab, KHI Florenz and Stiftung Preussischer Kulturbesitz. Ph. D. candidate, University of Cambridge), online. Undressing the Woman Warrior: Conrat Meit’s Judith (1526-28) Re-Evaluated.
Speech online.

9:30 – Margherita Fratarcangeli (Independent Scholar), in presence. Dalila/Delilah.

10:00 – Elisa Stafferini (Ph. D. candidate, The Warburg Institute, School of Advanced Studies, London), in presence. Worthy Opponents: Representations of Female Warriors in Early Modern Art and Literature.

10:30 – Coffee break.

11:00 – Galit Iluz (Ph. D. candidate, Ben-Gurion University of Negev, Be’er Sheva), in presence. Samson and Delilah by Bernardino Mei: Carnival, Parlour Games and Female Authority.

11:30 – Margaret M. Barnes (M. A. candidate, University of Washington, Seattle), online. “She Will Step on Thy Head”: Lucrina Fetti’s Saint Margaret as a Conqueror of Sin.

12:00 PM – Q&A.

Lunch break.

2:00 PM – Consuelo Lollobrigida (University of Arkansas Rome Center), in presence. Mathilda, Christine, and Maria Clementina. Warring Women in a man’s world.

2:30 – Patricia Rocco (Hunter College, City University of New York), online. From Victim to Virago: Women, War, and Violence in Early Modern Art.

Closing remarks: Vera Fortunati (emerita, University of Bologna).

4:30 – Guided Tour, Chiesa del Gesù and its museum.

6:45 – Tea break.

7:00 – Performance: La storia scordata, by Luana Testa.

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